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Always available in the Wegman's and Tops free publication racks, located at one of the entrances as well as hospitals, universities and 100's of other strategic locations.


Non Apartment Advertising

The perfect place to reach a large demographic.

Renting is a lifestyle choice for most. It alleviates the concern over home ownership with it's many money pits wrapped in, such as property taxes, repairs and even pool upkeep. This leaves them more disposable income than the average home owner.

Reach up to 18,000 potential renters monthly.

Page includes Zone Marketing program.

From the Original Owner & Publisher of The Renters Guide in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and what was called The Apartment Finder in those cities.

We're a quarterly publication with ads for apartment communities as well as any business trying to attract consumers with tremendous disposable income.

10,000 rental magazines

are picked up and used every month.

People love them.

Locally owned and instantly responsive.

It's Simple,

Full page with 1 year agreement is

$295* per month

(Issue by Issue is $395 per month)

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